Breezy grew up the youngest of five children, waiting anxiously for her turn to play soccer as all of her older siblings did. Her entry into the world of competitive soccer was short lived when she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, at the age of nine. Three months after her diagnosis, and shortly after her 10th birthday, Breezy had her left leg amputated above the knee to ensure the best chance of survival.

Returning to soccer would not be in Breezy’s future, but her competitive spirit spurred her strong desire to learn how to walk with a new prosthetic. Breezy quickly adapted to her “new normal”, and her ability to walk with a prosthetic led to her even stronger desire to learn how to run and get back to living a life of athletic activity as she had always known.

While Breezy did receive a wonderful gift of a running leg, her rapid growth over the next couple of years would leave us with two different systems. She had different sockets, liners and locking systems for her walking and running leg, with the transition process making it hard to participate to her ability during school PE (her favorite subject). In addition, she was experiencing difficulty in keeping either of her prosthetics secured, and she always seemed to be battling painful rashes under her prosthetic liners.

During the summer of 2015 before Breezy entered eighth grade, we were blessed to have 50 Legs and POA come into our lives. A close friend, who knew first hand Breezy’s frustrations and daily struggles, recommended Breezy speak with 50 Legs, and from first contact, we knew Breezy found salvation! Tiffany at 50 Legs was so helpful in understanding what Breezy needed, and getting approval to help Breezy with everything needed to make this happen, and in Florida!!!

They were able to provide the necessary expertise and prosthetic components needed to provide Breezy with streamlined systems and the ability to once again change into her running leg during P.E. with ease. We are so thankful that 50 Legs partnered with POA, they are absolute experts that REALLY, REALLY know what they are doing. Breezy legs work AWESOME and she no longer has ANY rashes!

During Thanksgiving dinner this year, Breezy said, “I am so thankful for 50 Legs and POA, for everything they have done for me, for how helpful they really are, and for how they are so kind and good in treating people”.

Breezy is alive, so Life is Good, but now Breezy’s Quality of Life is Good too.

We absolutely LOVE 50 Legs! THANK YOU!