My name is Carlos De Luna A 50 LEGS FAMILY MEMBER. I Lost my right leg below the knee in a work accident. On July the 9 of 2014 I finished digging a pool on top of a mountain so I started to haul the dirt out when the Dumptruck I purchased a month prior to the accident the air brakes went out it was a 50/50 chance so I decided to take my own life course so I jumped when I jumped I didn’t jump far enough so the dump truck ran over me and took my leg. I saw a commercial with Amy Purdy I seen her dancing with out her true limbs. So I looked on the internet to see who made her legs it turns out POA made her prosthetics. I called POA, I talked to Ronnie I sent him pictures of me still working and he told me that 50 legs could and did help me. I am not a religious man, I do believe in GOD, I do believe in blessings and 50 legs are blessings might as well be called 50 plus blessings. Gracias Steve, Gracias Tiffany, Gracias 50 legs I truly can’t say enough about the 50 legs family all I can say is THANK YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD DEEDS I LOVE YOU GUYS i will bust my ass of so that my actions will speak for the good that 50 legs means to me THANKS AGAIN I AM A PROUD 50 LEGS FAMILY MEMBER ILL DO MY PART TO HELP 50 LEGS SHINE THAT MUCH BRIGHTER THANKS AGAIN.