Gabby is a beautiful, vibrant, exciting, silly, fun loving teenager. She is 16 now and recently got her drivers permit! She loves to be social, hang out with her friends and her Mom is definitely always by her side, guiding and supporting her as needed. Our compliments to Shannon, Gabby’s mom for being super pro-active! Gabby lost her leg in a boating accident in early 2011. Matt Bailey, Prosthetist for Florida O&P was called to consult with the family while Gabby was still in ICU to explain to them how life would change for Gabby and her family. For the next few months, Gabby had to go through many surgeries to both of her legs and has yet to overcome so many obstacles in such a short time. Just a few months after becoming a below the new amputee, Matt made her first leg and soon she was back in high school, and also attended amputee camp where she water skied, climbed trees and walked the rope bridge. Because of her love of the water and her high activity level, she wears out her prosthetic sleeves and liners at lightning speed, this is something that most insurers have yearly specific limitations of coverage. But thanks to the donations from 50 Legs, who supplied Gabby with extra sleeves, liners, socks (for both everyday prosthesis and swim leg) and foot components and Matt Donating his design, time and materials, they made a great tag team. Water activities such as showering or going or going to the beach, swimming, boating and most importantly having fun hanging out with her friends and enjoying life! It touches all of our hearts, (especially Matt and Steve) when we see Gabby with all of her toe nail polish, her leg and ankle all “blinged up” and loving her teenage years with her family and friends.

Thank you 50 Legs for caring enough to go the extra mile and help these young kids out with their extra needs so that they can make the most of their young years!

Matt Bailey, LPO, FAAOP of Florida O&P Services