Samantha, age 1 of Florida, was born with a congenital limb condition called PFFD, which affects the hip and bones of the leg. When she was 8 months old her parents attended a 50 Legs fundraising event where they met Steve Chamberland. After meeting the family, Steve committed to helping them navigate the prosthetic process to ensure that Samantha will get the kind of prosthetic care that will allow her to be the very best she can be! On April 29, 2013, one day before her 1st birthday, Samantha took her first steps! Steve, Kylie (50 Legs recipient and Steve’s little buddy) joined the Vacha’s to witness that special moment. High fives, hugs–and lots of happy tears–all around! “We are so thankful for 50 Legs and all they have done for us!”