Ursula aka The B.R.O.A.D. (Babe Riding Out A Dream), set out in February 2013 to live off her motorcycle, work from the road, and see the country; a gypsy – a nomad. In her first six months on the road, she had a great many adventures and was really just getting into the groove of living life from the back of a Harley. Her small business was growing, her dream flourishing, and her love of meeting people expanding. In July 2013, while in Minnesota, heading towards Sturgis, Ursula was hit head-on by a motorist trying to pass a semi on a curve. As a result, she endured some near fatal injuries and yet managed to bounce back to life albeit missing part of her left leg. Her tragedy, recovery, and unwillingness to quit has brought The B.R.O.A.D. back to the motorcycle community with a vengeance.

Being a small business owner and essentially a gypsy, Ursula had no extended medical coverage and via a mutual motorcycle friend, Steve Chamberland of 50legs.org was contacted. Ursula says, “My accident has taught me a great deal of patience, determination, sacrifice, and understanding. I thought I was doing okay with those things until this happened and BAM – the true test began! There are not enough words to describe what 50Legs and POA have given back to me. The way I used to live will be altered for now, but they have given me back my dream and I look forward to living on the road again.” Which she promptly did in the Spring of 2014, less than a month after learning to walk again. She purchased a used pickup truck, converted a 7’x12′ cargo trailer to live in, and bought a used Harley Davidson. Why would she choose to ride again, let alone travel the country by herself doing it? Ursula will tell you, “I was not built for walls, I can’t sit still, adventure and motor oil run through my veins. I will not let somebody else’s negligence take away my dream and my passion.”

While her adventures still abound and her business continues to grow, she has taken on many new roles; often this includes counseling amputees and their loved ones, fundraising for amputees, sending 50Legs more recipients, and finding new roads she’s never seen before. Follow Along!

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