Where to begin, When we first started looking into POA for our daughter Samantha we hit the wall with insurance and all the costs to come from Michigan.  We also were told that she wasn’t ready for a running leg, boy did she prove them wrong.  We found out about 50legs from the folks at POA and i submitted our application never thinking in a million years we would be chosen,  I remember the day like it was yesterday when I got the call from Tiffany as I drove home from work, being told that you would help Samantha.  I remember tears of joy streaming down my face as I could only imagine what new doors this was going to open up for Samantha,  I remember walking in the door and my wife asking whats wrong and me telling her that Samantha was going to get her leg due to 50legs.  We were overcome with Joy and Samantha was so happy.

We made the trip down to Florida and the attention to detail and the work that POA did left Samantha in a much better place.  She was walking better, running so fast and had a smile that lasted for ever.  We loved POA and 50Legs so much that we made the decision to move our family from Michigan to Orlando, FL to be closer,  50legs changed our lives for the better with out there help we would have never been able to provide Samantha with what she has now.  We can’t begin to thank you enough,

The Malfer Family