After years of limb salvage surgeries and overcoming many obstacles, I found out on my 23rd birthday that I would need a below the knee amputation This would open the world for endless possibilities, but getting there would be the biggest obstacle I would overcome. In December 2016 I became an amputee. From Day One, 50 legs and POA have been there for me and they always will be. With the help of 50 Legs, I received an amazing prosthetic leg from POA and was able to start work sooner than I had expected. Also, with their help my dreams of running again, after not running in over 6 years became possible.

With Steve and Tiffany’s help as well as the help from POA, I ran for the 1st time in over 6 years on my 24th birthday! 50 legs has showed me that there no longer are limits in my life, and that instead there are endless possibilities. I am so grateful for 50 Legs; it is because of them that in the face of fear, I chose to fight one last fight and turned that fear into triumph! Now because of 50 Legs (Steve and Tiffany) I will be running the Boston Marathon in 2019 and giving back to the foundation that gave me my life back! Thank you 50 Legs! I am forever grateful you and POA! Love you all!

– Lauren Faeth