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How much will this cost me?

50 Legs recipients don’t pay anything for their new prosthetics, flights to one of our trusted provider locations or hotel room. You’ll need to pay for food and a rental car if you want one. We will work with your insurance and file claims if your insurance covers all or a portion of your prosthetic.

Can I go to a facility in my state?

All recipients will go to one of our trusted providers. Their locations are in Florida, Tennessee, Hawaii, and Louisiana. This partnership is the best way for us to ensure you get exactly what you need.

How long will I need to be at the trusted provider facility?

You’ll be there for at least one week, maybe a little longer. The exact number of days will depend on your individual needs, the type of prosthetic you’re getting and how many prosthetics you need.

What if I have problems or need a new leg?

You won’t leave one of our trusted providers until you have the perfect leg for you. Once you’re a 50 Legs recipient, you’re approved for any future needs. You’ll just make an appointment when it’s time for a new artificial leg. Most adults need new prosthetics every 3–5 years. Most children need new prosthetics 2–4 times each year.

What happens when children outgrow their prosthetics?

Children’s growing bodies typically require multiple prosthetics each year. We cover the costs for each new prosthetic. You and your child will need to go to one of our trusted providers for each new artificial leg. We always cover the costs for hotel and flights for each child and one guardian.

How many family members can go to one of your trusted providers with me?

We cover the hotel and flight costs for every recipient and one family member or guardian. You are responsible for food, rental cars and costs for any additional family members or friends.

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